Wink Of A Brain: Mixed Media Collage

The Wink Of A Brain
A mind cosmogony: describing a very irregular head.

The idea for this collage was born as a way to explain layers of thoughts inside a misunderstood brain. It’s based, somehow, on the concept of cosmogony and the knowledge behind it, and has an analogy with the Flammarion engraving appeared as one of the illustrations on the 1888 book The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology by French astronomer Camille Flammarion. That particular wood engraving was more a representation of the ancient mystical wisdom, like the one depicted in the visions of the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel, than a technical representation of a medieval cosmology, as probably believed by Flammarion himself. The caption of the engraving describes «a missionary of the Middle Ages [tells] that [he] had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch» and it’s obviously related to Flammarion’s previous work (from 1864) Imaginary Worlds and Real Worlds, on which he relates the legend of the monks Theophilus, Sergius, and Hyginus, who opened a mysterious gateway to another world while they where trying to discover the point where the sky and the earth touch.

So this artwork is the result of an imaginary conversation with Rosemary, trying to figure out a way to explain the mechanics of a very irregular head: as those monks, I was making an attempt to find the point where the sky and the earth touch. It’s not easy and it takes time to make intelligible the speed of [his] thoughts, a wink of a brain.

[The guidelines of this collage where generated with the help of Sir Joe Works’ My-Ching device!]

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