Wine Labels Design: “Buttero Solitario”

Buttero Solitario Wine Label
Old-style labels with amazing views of Italy!

This is a work in progress of a label design for the Italian wine Buttero Solitario, inspired by one of my vintage engravings related to the magic landscapes of Maremma, the heart of Tuscany: a buttero (cowboy of Maremma) riding a brunello horse near Parco Naturale dell’Uccellina (National Park of Uccellina).
This area of Italy has a great tradition of wine producers and it’s well known for its strong but fine red and white wines. Due to a large number of competitors, there’s a constant demand of high quality graphic design outputs. Labels are to wine like covers are to books: people judge wines under the influence of the labels. Label design is part of the taste you’re drinking and can help to define the impression you have of a wine.

This one was made with the intention of balancing an old-style engraving with minimal vintage graphic elements and typography. Plus, the feeling of the sweet grapes from Villa Tonioli’s vineyards near Pitigliano!

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