Vintage SciFi Illustration: Tin Can 69

Tin Can 69
Landscapes from your favourite space opera.

Concept illustration inspired by old-style science fiction artists such as Jack Coggins, Ralph McQuarrie, Alex Schomburg, and Ron Turner, who produced amazing SciFi posters and book covers. Even Mr. Softee still looks good today.

In 1969 everybody was looking at the moon but no one payed attention to Captain Tom’s mission n. 12. Something went wrong and he didn’t follow the instructions from Ground Control. He got too high in the sky and he drifted away where no one could say. Before the transmission was dead he shaved his head and smiled. A last message was sent: «I can see Mars, and I can hear the stars».
We don’t know what happened to his soul. He may have landed on the wrong planet or fell on the right one. Those are dangerous places to explore where you can find peculiar creatures as the fleets of rats the size of dogs living on the asteroids around the gas cloud known as Dark Globule BS61.
An empty grave was left behind: deeper than outer space was his mind.

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