Vintage Engravings: Label Design Sketch

Vintage Engravings: Villa Tonioli Label Design
Concept idea for a wine label inspired by the producer’s logo.

Among all the sketches created for Villa Tonioli logo design, there was one that was the inspiration for this vintage engraving plate. It’s a view of the classic country-house (podere) that you can find around the hills of Tuscany, just like the vineyards, the roads sided by cypresses, or the hay bales panoramas.
The graphic design style is a mix between vintage prints and modern comics, all laid on a grungy old paper. Obviously, lettering had to match the manually-crafted feeling of the artwork, so it’s rough and with some imperfections. The text inside the ribbon was inspired by Giambattista Bodoni’s serif typefaces design, while the other one (Pitigliano, located in Maremma, Italy, is where the wine is produced) it’s more related to calligraphy.

I will post the final label design in the future. Stay tuned!

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