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Sir Joe Works’ selection of artworks created with a secret technique that blends old style features (like etchings and woodcuts) with new digital tools!

Vintage Nautical Illustration: Old Ship

Santa Caterina Old Sailing Ship Engraving
Seafaring Graphic Design.

The above illustration it’s one of the traditional themes for sailors and ocean lovers: a wooden sailing ship riding some waves and framed by a worn out rope. As all the old-fashioned maritime-related artworks, its graphic design style resembles the one of vintage prints and engravings. There is also a minimal touch of modernity in the lines that reminds the fresh inking of comic strip artists. The handwritten calligraphic text reads Santa Caterina (Saint Catherine), a name often used for boats and tall ships. On demand, this picture comes with different lettering styles and text. The customization makes this illustration very versatile so it can be used in a wide range of “naval” situations; for example as a signboard for a pub or a tavern, or for custom linens, sheets, and towels inside your sailing vessel! The drawing was originally part of a series of sketches for a logo design that will be posted soon.

If you are looking for nautical art, be sure to check sirjoeworks.com for more stuff, such as posters, prints, drawings, and collectible ephemera. Feel free to ask which images are available for purchase or for any other kind of custom design.

Vintage Engravings: Label Design Sketch

Vintage Engravings: Villa Tonioli Label Design
Concept idea for a wine label inspired by the producer’s logo.

Among all the sketches created for Villa Tonioli logo design, there was one that was the inspiration for this vintage engraving plate. It’s a view of the classic country-house (podere) that you can find around the hills of Tuscany, just like the vineyards, the roads sided by cypresses, or the hay bales panoramas.
The graphic design style is a mix between vintage prints and modern comics, all laid on a grungy old paper. Obviously, lettering had to match the manually-crafted feeling of the artwork, so it’s rough and with some imperfections. The text inside the ribbon was inspired by Giambattista Bodoni’s serif typefaces design, while the other one (Pitigliano, located in Maremma, Italy, is where the wine is produced) it’s more related to calligraphy.

I will post the final label design in the future. Stay tuned!

Sangue Di Bue Wine Label Engraving

Sangue Di Bue Wine Label Design
Graphic design and drinking.

Here goes the concept design for Villa Tonioli’s Sangue Di Bue wine label. The main illustration is an old-style engraving of a classic bue maremmano, the native breed of bulls from Maremma. Traditionally raised and herded by the butteri, (the cowboys, sheppards and herdsmen of the region), you can still find today this priced breed of cattle grazing inside a southern Tuscany panorama.
The elegance of the label express the quality of the product inside the bottle, and is achieved through its general minimalism, from typography to a limited colour palette, that also helps focusing on the graphic elements of the composition.

Maremma Blues Festival Poster Preview

Maremma Blues Festival Poster Preview
Music, Art, and Nature.

This illustration is a work in progress of the vintage poster design for the new Maremma Blues Festival. The graphic is inspired by old prints and engravings: it’s a classic bluesman playing his guitar down the countryside. In the background, a natural landscape that could be Mississippi’s Delta, as well as Tuscany! In both places work songs were very popular among workers from the countryside. Music and Nature always worked good together. Back in the times, even in the most remote wooded valleys of the Maremma, you could hear arise a lonely singing that, followed than by other voices, became a choir: they were woodcutters, farmers, and charcoal burners who broke the solitude of the place with the rumor bloomed from an honest and confident mood. Songs and singing were also used to make lighter the hard work.

Now those day are gone, the only hope to hear some old good music in the open country is at local festivals like the amazing Maremma Blues Festival!
Remember to check-out the portfolio for the upcoming full-version of this poster!

Barrett Book Cover Illustration

Barrett: A Misunderstood Mind
Old-style graphic design!

Concept illustration for Barrett: A Misunderstood Mind book cover. This digital preview developed from a previous ballpoint pen sketch on paper inspired by old etchings and woodcuts. If you take a closer look you will see a real vintage engraving glowing in the dark!
Find out about layers of thoughts and mystical engravings inside the Wink Of A Brain collage.

Nautical Poster + Logo Design Concept

Sailor Boost Nautical Services
Vintage concept design for Sailor Boost.

This work in progress is an illustrated version of one of the sketches made for Sailor Boost Nautical Services logo. It’s a kind of minimal vintage ad poster. From an original drawing of Sir Joe Works’ logo design concepts sketchbook, it was also inspired by old style engravings and banners.

If your boat or ship are in need of any kind of repairing and tuning, be sure to contact Sailor Boost: The best and the only nautical services on the island!

“Buttero Solitario” Label: Wine Bottle Mockup

Buttero Solitario: Wine Bottle Mockup
How to deal with alcoholic beverages in graphic design!

This digital mock-up of a classic wine bottle was created to quickly have a view of label design works in progress. In this way it’s easier to get an idea of the final result. In this case the Buttero Solitario label for Villa Tonioli (located near Pitigliano in Maremma, Tuscany, Italy) was applied to the digital bottle to test its visual impact on the viewer and to make related adjustments.
Digital models are great not only for design and packaging evaluation, but they can also work well for promotional still lifes. Last but not least, it is an option that can have a positive impact on budget, surely less expensive and faster to arrange than a real still life photography set!

Sadly, there are a few things that mockups can’t provide yet: the taste and the scent of this great Italian wine!

Wine Labels Design: “Buttero Solitario”

Buttero Solitario Wine Label
Old-style labels with amazing views of Italy!

This is a work in progress of a label design for the Italian wine Buttero Solitario, inspired by one of my vintage engravings related to the magic landscapes of Maremma, the heart of Tuscany: a buttero (cowboy of Maremma) riding a brunello horse near Parco Naturale dell’Uccellina (National Park of Uccellina).
This area of Italy has a great tradition of wine producers and it’s well known for its strong but fine red and white wines. Due to a large number of competitors, there’s a constant demand of high quality graphic design outputs. Labels are to wine like covers are to books: people judge wines under the influence of the labels. Label design is part of the taste you’re drinking and can help to define the impression you have of a wine.

This one was made with the intention of balancing an old-style engraving with minimal vintage graphic elements and typography. Plus, the feeling of the sweet grapes from Villa Tonioli’s vineyards near Pitigliano!

Engravings of Tuscany: Butteri di Maremma

Buttero In MaremmaA digital illustration of a Buttero, the cowboy of Tuscany.

Here goes another work in progress, a digital old-style engraving of a typical landscape of Tuscany, Italy: the buttero maremmano (the traditional cowboy of Maremma).
The butteri were high skilled shepherds and cowboys. During Buffalo Bill’s tour around Europe in 1890, the unimpressed Italian cowboys challenged him on a contest of skills after his Wild West show in Rome. The butteri defeated Buffalo BIll and all his troupe, proving to be by far the most experienced.
Now there are not so many butteri how it used to be, but sometimes you can still find these old fashioned Italian cowboys riding their Maremmano horses (a breed of horse originating in this is part of Tuscany), especially during the summer.
Over the centuries the breeding of the Maremmano in the wild has produced a horse that’s known to be not only proud, energetic and generous, but it is also appreciaded for its solidity and its ability to adapt to rough terrain and bad weather. During the Second World War, this breed was one of the fews to be brave and though enough to survive the Russian steppe.

[If you are planning an eco-trip in Tuscany, we raccomand you a riding tour of the wild Maremma. For more info about the Italian stallion, contact us!]

This kind of vintage engravings works great on wine labels, so stay tuned for the upcoming label design!