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Sir Joe Works’ gallery of vintage art related to science fiction, futuristic technology, UFOs, and space travels!

Space Girl Is Watching You

Space Girl
A mixed media poster design.

Here goes one more illustration related to Science Fiction. It’s a portrait of a girl in a space suit drawn on top of a mixed media collage. The background is basically made of crumpled paper and old newspapers, while the drawing was traced with different inks and brushes. Can you recognize the mysterious space woman?

If you enjoy sci-fi cosmonauts, space suits, and helmets from outer space, check out my other illustrations like the Mixed Media Astroman and In Praise Of A Black Star (or its animated version The Lighting Bolt Space Cult GIF). You may also like Vintage SciFi Illustration: Tin Can 69, an illustrated view of a Martian landscape.

Sci-Fi Illustration: Mars Panorama

Searching For My Soul On Another Planet
Views from a mysterious planet.

This rocky desert landscape is a concept illustration for a project I was working on a couple of years ago. Inspired by some great science fiction artists such as Raplh McQuarrie and Alex Schomburg, it looks something between Tatooine and Mars.
A primitive anthropomorphic figure on top of a cliff is watching through the horizon under the heat of two suns. It’s not clear what he is looking for. Maybe he’s just experiencing a journey in search of his soul.
The landscape reminds the one inside the prophetic post Vintage Sci-Fi Illustration: Tin Can 69, but with a different seasonal mood.
It has been told that there are some nice textures, halftone effects, and different custom-made digital brushes on this planet!

Sci-Fi visuals are often better when accompanied by a good soundtrack, like the ones created by Bebe and Louis Barron (Forbidden Planet, 1956), Bernard Hermann (The Day The Earth Stood Still, 1951), and John Williams (Star Wars trilogy, 1977, 1980, 1983), who was heavenly inspired by Gustav Holt’s orchestral suite The Planets (1914 – 1916).

Mixed Media Astroman

Fan Of The Astro Van
From outer space to virtual paper.

Different layers of styles and media are the backbone of this artwork. The skull is inside an astronaut spacesuit floating on an ocean of red waves. A classic theme for Sci-Fi adventures. Even David Bowie used it for the Blackstar music video.

This concept design is a preliminary layout test for the next summer project.

«Above the Moon, may God’s love control my spaceship and seas of blue.»

Sci-Fi Photography

Ground Control From My Spaceship's Window
Views from a space shuttle window.

Here goes a picture from Sir Joe’s archives. Is it a digital science-fiction landscape or is it just a photo of a real place? In this case is both. Is a shot of an undisclosed location that looks like a sci-fi set for a movie, with even a ground control tower. The photographer just took a look outside his spaceship!

Darth Vader’s Political Correctness

Darth Vader's Political Correctness
Star Wars in a way you’ve never seen before.

This Internet meme is about the new wave of political correctness, especially the one related to gender-neutral parenting. The old-fashioned words “father” and “mother” have been replaced with the supposedly less offensive “parent 1” and “parent 2”. So here goes a drawing of a more political correct Lord Vader on Cloud City. Now Luke Skywalker knows his dad – I mean, his “parent 1” – is not that bad.

In Praise Of A BlackStar

In Praise Of A BlackStar
I took a walk in space and I really felt blue.

This drawing is about the lightning bolt space cult. The Gemini spaceship of Captain Tom is on the way and it’s coming back again. Pray and shout, he was the underground.
The experiment will be performed on board by the Italian astronaut.
His soul was in the lost and found. For in truth, it’s the beginning of an end: We should crawl under the bracken. Angels have gone, floating on a most peculiar way.

I believe in Spiders. Down in space it’s always 1982.

And The Stars Look Very Different Today

And The Stars Look Very Different Today
Stardust comes, Sturdust goes: A tribute to David Bowie.

Following a metre happy. Hope of tonight but I’m said, I’m hoping in only women star. And no, not an all-time God. Your blackstar, with me diamonds, Tom.
I’m way up, a junkie day Strung out (I’m a blackstar).

Action: Only women, Major to kick your helmet pictures .
«I’m Major Tom, never did My Control to Control a message. All I’ve, blackstar. It’s time, tell my Earth “smile”, ah-ah».
«Oh, Tom? I tell bravely why I’m not loud. I’m stepping blackstar. Star don’t say Ormen. I’m eyes, the centre, Tom».
Wanna come a the villa? For here most a blackstar. Major, he died, Moon. I’m in the capsule. Major Tom things. Spirit and spaceship knows your early love eyes on planet pornstar.
Very still I’ve loved. Just one hundred is the kneel. I’m a sitting blackstar, now glowing. Ground And I, girls in the villa. Something want a valuable way of execution.
Tom, I’m not your Ten. Though I’m blackstar and shoes. Oh honey, look Major blue,
remember mama I’m a star. I’m the centre of rose, your Planet on Ground blackstar.
I’m following the rumour but floating happy. I’ve got see right, you’re happy, above sacred ground. So open-heart. My eyes circuit’s here above the pills. Right answer, I’m my candle. How nothing is but eyes, your countdown. The centre stuck with very all. You’ve really green wheels. Smile Ah-ah! You hear your Ormen, stand if you, blackstar: I’m me, not all. Liftoff this eyes, your Ashes to light. I’m not. I’m past. I’m a popstar. Centre engines on the side. You happened and lie. Instead I’m the Major, you better stay clean. I’m to funky, dare this flash! Eagles of six, not anything out can wear Now. Your Man in heaven’s. From the papers I pan. I’m day. An angel rose fall? I blue break a gangster.

Major, a star you’re, Control to needed love. I’m not low Time, I’m shirts, you just go, hitting star. I’m eyes protein. High it’s pain, know a flam, I’m not a Control blackstar. Something gangster, Money and Tom. Blue answer of One, friend I’m a filmstar.
No smoking. I want ice, Tom. So white ashes cried the stars. Blackstar kneel my daydreams, and bravely took to leave.

Vintage SciFi Illustration: Tin Can 69

Tin Can 69
Landscapes from your favourite space opera.

Concept illustration inspired by old-style science fiction artists such as Jack Coggins, Ralph McQuarrie, Alex Schomburg, and Ron Turner, who produced amazing SciFi posters and book covers. Even Mr. Softee still looks good today.

In 1969 everybody was looking at the moon but no one payed attention to Captain Tom’s mission n. 12. Something went wrong and he didn’t follow the instructions from Ground Control. He got too high in the sky and he drifted away where no one could say. Before the transmission was dead he shaved his head and smiled. A last message was sent: «I can see Mars, and I can hear the stars».
We don’t know what happened to his soul. He may have landed on the wrong planet or fell on the right one. Those are dangerous places to explore where you can find peculiar creatures as the fleets of rats the size of dogs living on the asteroids around the gas cloud known as Dark Globule BS61.
An empty grave was left behind: deeper than outer space was his mind.

Star Wars Extreme Merchandising

Star Warhol: The Force Awakens Extreme Merchandising
Star Warhol still life.

When you mix the archetype of merchandising with the archetype of pop art you can go beyond Andy Warhol. Here goes a rough still life of Campbell’s  Star Wars special edition soups. It reflects the “evolution” of society: from Joseph Campbell to Campbell’s cans of condensed soup.

The Force awakens extreme merchandising.
May the Force be with soups!