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Vintage Nautical Illustration: Old Ship

Santa Caterina Old Sailing Ship Engraving
Seafaring Graphic Design.

The above illustration it’s one of the traditional themes for sailors and ocean lovers: a wooden sailing ship riding some waves and framed by a worn out rope. As all the old-fashioned maritime-related artworks, its graphic design style resembles the one of vintage prints and engravings. There is also a minimal touch of modernity in the lines that reminds the fresh inking of comic strip artists. The handwritten calligraphic text reads Santa Caterina (Saint Catherine), a name often used for boats and tall ships. On demand, this picture comes with different lettering styles and text. The customization makes this illustration very versatile so it can be used in a wide range of “naval” situations; for example as a signboard for a pub or a tavern, or for custom linens, sheets, and towels inside your sailing vessel! The drawing was originally part of a series of sketches for a logo design that will be posted soon.

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Nautical Poster + Logo Design Concept

Sailor Boost Nautical Services
Vintage concept design for Sailor Boost.

This work in progress is an illustrated version of one of the sketches made for Sailor Boost Nautical Services logo. It’s a kind of minimal vintage ad poster. From an original drawing of Sir Joe Works’ logo design concepts sketchbook, it was also inspired by old style engravings and banners.

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