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Infos and current events with a touch of Visual Arts!

Philanthropists and Palindromes

Filantropi Palindromi (Philanthropic Palindromes)
Political logo restyling.

Here goes an Internet meme related to the Italian political elections of 2018: it’s an unofficial restyling of a logo design. It reads: «Più filantropi con nomi palindromi», Italian for «More philanthropists with palindromes names». It’s part of a series created for a social media viral experience. Stay tuned for more politically incorrect artwork!

Claudio Borghi Aquilini: The Euro Ripper

Claudio Borghi Aquilini: The Euro Ripper
Austerity deconstructivism and sovereignist avant-garde.

Here goes a portrait of Italian economist Claudio Borghi Aquilini (degree in Economics and Banking, and a Master of the Italian Association of Financial Analysts), science popularizer, and currently economic advisor for the political party Lega (League). He started his experience in the financial markets at the young age of 19 while still a student, rapidly gaining relevant positions as a collaborator or worker for Solomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and Deutsche Bank. Later on, he become professor of Economics of Financial Intermediation at the Università del Sacro Cuore (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) in Milan, and also professor of Economics of Credit Companies, and Economy and Art Market.
As an Euroskeptic journalist, Claudio Borghi wrote many articles warning about the problems related to Euro and the European Union. In 2013, together with other economists from Europe, he presented in Brussels the European Solidarity Manifesto, supporting the need for a coordinated dissolution of the Eurozone. He also wrote Basta Euro (Stop Euro, 2014), a manual against European Union’s surrealist demagogy.
Borghi is known for being a tenacious debater. Among several different episodes, during one of his appearances on Italian television, he unmasked the amazing incompetence of his opponent Filippo Taddei, who was claiming that the corralito was a new currency adopted in Argentina. This epic battle became the subject of many internet memes.
Although from opposite ideological backgrounds, Borghi is probably one of the main influences in Alberto Bagnai‘s decision to run as a candidate for the 2018 political elections in Italy.

Besides being an austerity deconstructivist inside the sovereigntist avant-garde, Claudio Borghi is also an art collector and investor, author of the book Investire Nell’Arte – Il Nuovo Oro: Come Salvare I Propri Risparmi Dalla Crisi (Investing In Art – The New Gold: How to Save Your Own Savings from The Crisis, 2013).

The mixed media illustration above was painted with different custom-made brushes and it hasn’t been approved by the European Union. Can you spot the subliminal message?

Alberto Bagnai For Dummies

Prophet Alberto Bagnai
The prophet of the Euro-crisis.

This illustration is a portrait of Alberto Bagnai, economist (with a degree in Economics and Commerce and a Ph.D. in Economic Sciences), science popularizer, and professor of Economic Policy at the University of Chieti.
Beside all of his academic works as a researcher, in 2011 he gave birth to Goofynomics, one of the most influential and awarded Italian blogs in the economic field, focused on public debt, Eurozone crisis and the problems related to Euro. The success achieved with his website continued with the publication of two books: Il Tramonto Dell’Euro (The Euro Sunset, 2012), and L’Italia Può Farcela (Italy Can Do It, 2014).
Traditionally and historically known as a leftist, a few months before the 2018 political elections in Italy, Alberto Bagnai announced that he was going to run as a candidate for the Lega (League), which is considered a right-wing party. The reason he gave for this choice is simple: it’s the only party that offered a concrete political space to his most awkward and urgent ideas. The current left ignored his warnings about the European Union politics and its currency. Furthermore, it «has been executing on behalf of third parties a program of social reforms heavily oriented against the interests of workers» and the people in general. According to Bagnai, the pensée unique hijacked the traditional left and its leaders. To paraphrase Bertolt Brecht, they thought that if the people didn’t agree, then it would be easier to dissolve them and appoint a new people in their place.

Alberto Bagnai (who, as well, is known by the mainstream media as Gianroberto, Norberto, Eriberto, Adriano, Uberto, Gilberto, Giusberto, ecc…) is also the founder of the cultural association a/simmetrie, and a passionate baroque music player.

The drawing related to this post was inspired by vintage engravings, and has several different references. Can you spot them?

A Portrait Of Education In Italy

Minestra Del Istruzzione
Just another politically incorrect drawing.

Here goes a portrait of the current Italian Minister of Education Valeria Fedeli. Due to her role, you might think she has some kind of university degree. She doesn’t. It seems that she doesn’t even have a high school diploma. But the real problem is another: she lied about it on her personal website biography. As if all this wasn’t sad enough, there is also a surreal twist. She is one of the main exponents of the war against fake news! Months ago she started touring schools to promote the project #BastaBufale (#StopHoaxes), aimed against disinformation. Can you believe it?

«Students should not be passive consumers of technology, but become aware producers of information and knowledge. The school must teach them to grow these skills».

Vexillography: False Flag Design

Vexillography: False Flag
How vexillology can influence geopolitics.

The art of designing flags is known as “vexillography”. A flag is generally used to represent something and make it recognizable. This concept is so obvious that can be employed to trick people, like doing something bad and blame it to someone else by using manipulated ensigns to mislead public opinion.
In the last years, the war in Syria produced many examples of this modus operandi. From airstrikes allegedly targeting civilians to different groups of rebels and terrorists, everybody is condemning each other about something. It all seems very confusing. A couple of years ago, I even made a simple infographic to help distinguish moderate terrorists from normal ones.

This illustration is an example of false flag design. It looks like a real one but it isn’t. If you think that creating fake flags is easy you’re wrong: there is a lot of rivalry and competition in this job. The world is full of Machiavellian vexillographers!

He Will Not Divide Us

He Will Not Divide Us
A mixed media collage about the evil palindrome.

This artwork was inspired by the “he will not divide us” mantra. It includes a couple of bats, traces of vintage lettering, and a bit of dark ink. The following random prophecy is part of the drawing.

Policies seriously obligated our activities. Established to conduct world and regulation includes acting in accordance compliance to public trust. Based on Open Society interest, required Foundations laws work in apparent activities. Our employees strive to be located. Each employee regulated individually maintain a general respect but consistently includes times with laws around the standards of all individuals. This Society, colleagues, grants unique ethical example in dignity. Entities cooperate to conduct conflicts.

© 2017 Sir Joe Works – sirjoeworks.com

The Rorschach Test Dream Prophecy

Not My President
Can simple inkblots get to the hearth of your emotional thinking?

This Internet meme can be interpreted in different ways, it only depends on how dirty is your mind. It’s just an illustration. What should worry you, it’s the following autogenerated prophecy, a.k.a. the bot prediction:

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San Escobar Byzantine Mosaic

San Escobar
Modern icons and fictional countries.

Poland’s foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski has recently become the subject of many Internet memes after saying he had met the representative of San Escobar, a non-existent country, while campaigning in New York to win a seat on the UN Security Council. After the gaffe, he declared that it was a slip of the tongue, and probably confused San Cristóbal y Nieves, the Spanish name of the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis (a.k.a. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis), with the world-famous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.
This episode gave me the idea for a new illustration, also inspired by old Byzantine mosaics and icons. For many people, Pablo Escobar is already a Saint, especially for those living in the poorest neighborhoods of Medellín, in Colombia, where “The Tsar of Cocaine” gained popularity by paying for the construction of many hospitals, schools, and churches. The cult around El Patrón looks like the one related to Jesús Malverde en Sinaloa, Mexico. It’s all about icons. So here is my version of San Escobar!