Pop Art Tools

Pop Art Artist's Tools (a.k.a. Sir Joe's Tools)
Digital silkscreen on yellow background.

A new piece of mixed media pop art with more random quotes from my upcoming secret book:

I like different levels. Close your eyes. Having land and lots of dates, people forget about the ruining but beautiful soul. No noises. Can the damaged eyes just live in the future? Very lazy, dreamlike lyrics, in a happening memory. The best company, two’s a series of themselves. Isn’t life the most exciting song? Just dig happy about nothing. Your own life images change, but watch every party I do. I am not on any atmosphere sound in rock. The noise and learning decided world famous needs to be two opposites. I’m the type trick mirrors.
The mystery was to own problems. Reality loves sounds. We’re musical primitives of the beautiful art. That monitor could be seeing eyebrows. James and Dean never meet. But the real starts didn’t have fantasies quickly. I should fall in our time. They are beautiful, don’t look! You never repeat attractions between starting fantasies. Love a deeply superficial work that never knew exactly what beauty I had. Until it’s a thing about changes, give them the type. Going anywhere you go. I believe in up kissing, it’s very exciting. It’s so quick. Low lights willing to get people’s fantasies are the little things that thrill you. I’m its magic. You and I. Sometimes it’s much better to be artificial.

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