Maremma: Vintage Engraving Detail

Vintage Engraving of Maremma: Close-upDigital etching and engraving close up.

A detail of the old style engraving created for the digital illustration from the last post: the typical podere (country house) that you can find on the hills of Tuscany during the harvest season.
In this picture you have a closeup of the textures, brushes and shapes, beside the chiaroscuro technique used to model the volumes of both natural-organic and artificial elements of this composition.
These kind of engravings are often used in security printing, due to their high quality details, and for label designs with a bit of retro style.

Check out the portfolio and galleries on for more upcoming engravings and wine labels from Maremma, the heart of Tuscany!
If you are interested in getting a custom high resolution digital engraving, feel free to contact Captain Sir Joe and His Crew!

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