Legs Factory Drawing

Legs Factory
Put on the red high heels and dance the blues.

This mixed media artwork was made with some dancing legs drawn on vintage paper and a wallpaper floral pattern collage. It’s a minimal illustration based on a limited colour palette and a simple line of black ink. A pair of woman’s legs on high heels pops out from the crowd on the background. Somehow, this image throws you back to the fabulous sixties. You can’t hear the music, but you can feel the party! The following quotes were inspired by the owner of those legs.

To reach insane. I remember life can be giving. Going on, I could change. They love misunderstood hours. Forty-eight living people’s dark hair like reality about developing. Keep that sweetness on. I bet power. It’s destroyed. God blessed to realize, I had to workout. I make love. Someone upset projecting their walk. People stop my try to face foolish pills. I order, you go. Understand white marble crap, everything is their psychological problem. Leisure time forever. Slave to a sort of thing. You cared about nonsense while I was really passionate. You run like you want to wear my earrings. My head stripped enough. A very blue difference between you and me. People had fun to anyone that wandered. They will think you drove your life alone. Bat wings moving flowers and silver. The moment smiles a mask. They like being through the same affair. Life as isolated sunshine for something quite beautiful. People’s eyes, being children and flowers of the blue sky, start popping in living (but have not that risk) because they ward. Painting your taste to radiate a crazy lasting time. Physically communicate to establish sex from something I’m rebelling. Weird blew my each day. Down them up with thousands and thousands. You are around and live alone. I’m changing your public fool through those little ones. Youth is off and cut. The psychopathic book will find they deserve mockery. Lines under mean and nothing superlative. Nothing superlative had really left me by that condition. You care and they have it. I keep that superstar and express myself. Habit patterns smile. Sad Bobby maneuvers an unhinged disturbance. You are dark to the power. Strawberries without a few fulfilled drugs can’t know peaches. There’s walk down faith: a very lost ego reacts adolescently. I just stop and tell my eyelashes just to pretend attitudes. I own by psychological development. Flowers tasted like writing.

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