Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake
The secrets of a 3/4 perspective delicious illustration.

Chocolate and strawberries are old-well known natural aphrodysiacs. So why not mix them to create a powerful elisir and give it to the one you love? The best way to hide your love drug is to put it in plain sight, under the form of a tricky heart-shaped chocolate cake! Then you will just have to say “Happy Birthday” and start eating the cake together. Wait a few seconds and celebrate!

This digital illustration I made for a special person has subliminal messages, so it works like a real cake. The composition and the graphic elements are designed to create the illusion in your brain of the chemical involved while eating dark chocolate mixed with strawberries.
It’s a simple, minimal, and isometric digital illustration. Anyway, it still comes with its lace paper pad!

This product is a creation of pastry chef Sir Joe W., known for using only selected high-quality ingredients. We also do personal deliveries. Stay tuned and check out our cake shop for more secret recipes!

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