Grunge Horse Illustration

Grunge Equine Portrait
Graphic design and equine portraits.

This rough illustration was created last summer and inspired by Maremmano horse. Horses and butteri (the cowboys of Maremma) used to be classic elements of southern Tuscany’s landscapes. These days, even in this region of Italy, we have more smartphones or cars than horses. It would be nice to see people riding stallions on the streets rather than SUVs. This is the main goal of project On The Horse Again, a plan promoting a drastic reduction of vehicle emissions in the area by reducing automobile dependence across Maremma through the return of private and public equine transportation. Going back to horses will lead to a lot of different kinds of benefits and improvements, from health to tourism.

«They used to drive and drive, now they drive no more.
On the horse again!
We now ride and gallop all day long, even in the rain and snow.
On the horse again!»

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