David Bowie: One Year Later

David Bowie's Heroes Album Cover Remake
Something happened on the day he died.

One year ago today, as a tribute for David Bowie’s 69th birthday, I made this drawing, a kind of Aladdin Sane album cover remake. A couple of days later, following the inspirational flow, I posted a vintage-style-Sci-Fi illustration, along with an esoteric text with multiple-layers of meaning, obviously related to David. It was the 10th of January. Shortly after that, my internet connection went down for the next two days. When I found out that he had passed away, that post turned to be a creepy coincidence. Something like a Nostradamus obscure prophecy. And there is even more, but I will leave it like this.
Something really happened on the day he died, but even some days before.

Happy birthday David! (I hope you have received that present from Syd that I had for you last year.)

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