Cubist Heart Sketch

Box-Shaped Heart Sketch
Digging in Sir Joe Works’ picture archives.

I’ve recently come across this illustration I made years ago, a sketch created with some custom brushes for a project related to Saint Valentine’s Day. It was inspired by Cubism and by Kurt Cobain’s lyrics.There’s a song by Nirvana that’s titled Heart-Shaped Box. This concept artwork could be titled Box-Shaped Heart. A hollow muscular organ that can be filled with love, which notoriously comes in many different forms. The contrast between a canonical representation of the cardiac organ and the one portrayed here, along with the limited color palette and the background texture, makes the drawing visually interesting and appealing. But if you are a romantic gourmet, and looking for something more tasty, check out the picture for food lovers inside the post Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake!

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