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Sir Joe Works’ photo galleries: from landscape to abstract photography!

Rusty Metal Texture Photo

Rusty Texture In Red
Rusted art photography.

This photo was shot some years ago in the small village of Sorano, not too far from Pitigliano (Maremma, Tuscany), in Italy. It’s a piece of old metal that was covering a box with water counters. While in many cases it’s better to prevent rust from eroding tools and objects, sometimes red oxide looks visually beautiful. For example, the grungy surface of the picture above reminds me Jackson Pollock’s dripping paintings.
These kind of textures are also useful for different types of artworks: beside 3D renderings, they can be used to add depth and charm to a flat illustration. It’s easy way to achieve organic aesthetic within a drawing, enhancing it with warmth.

You should keep in mind: rust is art!

Panoramas Of Tuscany: Countryside In Maremma

Fields Of Maremma At Sunset
Summer mood in Italy.

One more shot of the amazing landscapes of Tuscany. The photo was taken while traveling around Maremma by bike at sunset, and it captured the last rays of sun. Just enough light to paint the hay bales on the fields and the shape of the mountains surrounding Punta Ala and Castiglione della Pescaia.
You can have a different point of view of the same place in the picture Sunset Reflection In Maremma. While the sun was going down between the hills, the moon was rising behind the photographer, as posted before in Landscape Photography: Moons Of Tuscany. There is one more photo that was shot while biking on the same country road, featuring some cypresses and a romantic mood.
Every couple of years some of those fields are covered with yellow sunflowers as they turn into a visual paradise!

Landscape Photography: Moons Of Tuscany

Moon Rising In Maremma
Unseen views of Italy.

This shot of the moon rising over a sunset was made a couple of years ago while biking in Maremma, Tuscany, on a perfect late-springtime evening. On the background you can have a glimpse of the classic hills with olive trees and, in foreground, the road that goes to the sea. The sun is fading behind the scenes.
Riding a bike in the countryside always makes you feel better, but there should be more time and roads dedicated to cycling. So, if you like Nature, bikes, and photography, please get active and support the Less Cars More Bikes movement!

Sunset Panorama In Maremma

Sunset Reflection In Maremma
Landscape photography in Italy.

This photo was made a couple of summers ago while travelling around Maremma by bicycle. The quite waters of a canal were cutting through the fields with a reflection of the last rays of sun on the sky. So I decided to take a quick shoot on the fly. The mood of this picture reminds of an English romantic painting by some landscape artist, but the air at the moment smelled like Tuscany.

Opium Poppy Decorations In Rome

Opium Poppies Floral Motif At The Verano
Geometric photos from inside a graveyard.

This picture was made some time ago at the Monumental Cemetery of Campo Verano in Rome, Italy. The Cimitero Del Verano (its name in Italian) can be considered a open-air museum due to the incredible amount of artwork that can be found inside the complex, mainly created during the 19th and 20th centuries, when wealthy families hired architects, artists, sculptores, and painters to design, built and decorate their private chapels.

In this photo you can have a glimpse of one of the chapels’ architecture with its decorations and some details. The floral motif hides a representation of the Papaver somniferum, a.k.a. the opium poppy, a well known symbol of the Greek god of dreams Morpheus, and generally associated with the eternal sleep related to the world of deads. The symbolic meaning behind the plant is obviously related to its narcotic and hallucinogenic effects. For this reason these poppies can be found all around the tombstones inside the Verano, together to a wide range of esoteric symbolism. Another ancient symbol related to both death and immortality is the Mediterranean cypress (a.k.a. Italian or Tuscan cypress) as the one shown in the photograph, and can be found in every graveyard of Italy.

You can find more info and pictures about the eternal city of Rome inside Sir Joe Works’ architectural photography gallery!

Sci-Fi Photography

Ground Control From My Spaceship's Window
Views from a space shuttle window.

Here goes a picture from Sir Joe’s archives. Is it a digital science-fiction landscape or is it just a photo of a real place? In this case is both. Is a shot of an undisclosed location that looks like a sci-fi set for a movie, with even a ground control tower. The photographer just took a look outside his spaceship!

Moods Of Maremma

Maremma's Country Mood
Photographs from a country road.

Here goes another shot of Tuscany’s beautiful panoramas. It’s a picture of the golden fields and cypresses that you can find on a summer sunset in Maremma, a classic view of the natural landscapes of the region. With the last rays of sun, a warm light draws its shapes and colours as a vintage romantic painting from the past. You can even hear some chirping crickets, if you pay attention to the photo!

Views Of Italy

Rainy Day In Umbria
Countryside photography.

A rainy day is not that bad for photographers. Sometimes clouds in the sky reflect light and create shadows with amazing effects on natural landscapes. This photo is a view of the panorama from the Albornoz fortress (Fortezza Albornoz), also known as Rocca di San Martino, in the city of Orvieto, Italy. Located in the Province of Terni, southwestern Umbria, this is one of the ancient towns of the region, famous for its traditions, culture, and surroundings. As Pitigliano, Orvieto is built on a large cliff of Tuff (or Tufa, Tufo in Italian), a rock made of volcanic ash generated from an eruption.

Doors Of Tuscany

Vintage Red Door In Pitigliano
Locks and photography in Maremma.

This vintage door is the entrance of an old cellar (cantina in Italian) in the medieval town of Pitigliano. Behind doors like this, locals still store their own wine, proudly produced in the area with a tradition that goes back for hundred years.
The photo was taken a day after the spring equinox, when the traditional festival of San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph) is celebrated.

Sunset In Pitigliano

Sunset In Pitigliano
Landscape photography in Tuscany.

The last rays of sun behind an old village in Maremma: a panoramic view of Pitigliano, Italy, from San Michele road. In this classic photo of a summer sunset you can see the silhouette of a bell tower (campanile). Originally built for military use, it now belongs to the Cattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo, the Pitigliano cathedral (Duomo di Pitigliano) dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul.