And The Stars Look Very Different Today

And The Stars Look Very Different Today
Stardust comes, Sturdust goes: A tribute to David Bowie.

Following a metre happy. Hope of tonight but I’m said, I’m hoping in only women star. And no, not an all-time God. Your blackstar, with me diamonds, Tom.
I’m way up, a junkie day Strung out (I’m a blackstar).

Action: Only women, Major to kick your helmet pictures .
«I’m Major Tom, never did My Control to Control a message. All I’ve, blackstar. It’s time, tell my Earth “smile”, ah-ah».
«Oh, Tom? I tell bravely why I’m not loud. I’m stepping blackstar. Star don’t say Ormen. I’m eyes, the centre, Tom».
Wanna come a the villa? For here most a blackstar. Major, he died, Moon. I’m in the capsule. Major Tom things. Spirit and spaceship knows your early love eyes on planet pornstar.
Very still I’ve loved. Just one hundred is the kneel. I’m a sitting blackstar, now glowing. Ground And I, girls in the villa. Something want a valuable way of execution.
Tom, I’m not your Ten. Though I’m blackstar and shoes. Oh honey, look Major blue,
remember mama I’m a star. I’m the centre of rose, your Planet on Ground blackstar.
I’m following the rumour but floating happy. I’ve got see right, you’re happy, above sacred ground. So open-heart. My eyes circuit’s here above the pills. Right answer, I’m my candle. How nothing is but eyes, your countdown. The centre stuck with very all. You’ve really green wheels. Smile Ah-ah! You hear your Ormen, stand if you, blackstar: I’m me, not all. Liftoff this eyes, your Ashes to light. I’m not. I’m past. I’m a popstar. Centre engines on the side. You happened and lie. Instead I’m the Major, you better stay clean. I’m to funky, dare this flash! Eagles of six, not anything out can wear Now. Your Man in heaven’s. From the papers I pan. I’m day. An angel rose fall? I blue break a gangster.

Major, a star you’re, Control to needed love. I’m not low Time, I’m shirts, you just go, hitting star. I’m eyes protein. High it’s pain, know a flam, I’m not a Control blackstar. Something gangster, Money and Tom. Blue answer of One, friend I’m a filmstar.
No smoking. I want ice, Tom. So white ashes cried the stars. Blackstar kneel my daydreams, and bravely took to leave.

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