Alberto Bagnai For Dummies

Prophet Alberto Bagnai
The prophet of the Euro-crisis.

This illustration is a portrait of Alberto Bagnai, economist (with a degree in Economics and Commerce and a Ph.D. in Economic Sciences), science popularizer, and professor of Economic Policy at the University of Chieti.
Beside all of his academic works as a researcher, in 2011 he gave birth to Goofynomics, one of the most influential and awarded Italian blogs in the economic field, focused on public debt, Eurozone crisis and the problems related to Euro. The success achieved with his website continued with the publication of two books: Il Tramonto Dell’Euro (The Euro Sunset, 2012), and L’Italia Può Farcela (Italy Can Do It, 2014).
Traditionally and historically known as a leftist, a few months before the 2018 political elections in Italy, Alberto Bagnai announced that he was going to run as a candidate for the Lega (League), which is considered a right-wing party. The reason he gave for this choice is simple: it’s the only party that offered a concrete political space to his most awkward and urgent ideas. The current left ignored his warnings about the European Union politics and its currency. Furthermore, it «has been executing on behalf of third parties a program of social reforms heavily oriented against the interests of workers» and the people in general. According to Bagnai, the pensée unique hijacked the traditional left and its leaders. To paraphrase Bertolt Brecht, they thought that if the people didn’t agree, then it would be easier to dissolve them and appoint a new people in their place.

Alberto Bagnai (who, as well, is known by the mainstream media as Gianroberto, Norberto, Eriberto, Adriano, Uberto, Gilberto, Giusberto, ecc…) is also the founder of the cultural association a/simmetrie, and a passionate baroque music player.

The drawing related to this post was inspired by vintage engravings, and has several different references. Can you spot them?

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