A Red Rose For Valentine’s Day

A Red Rose For Valentine's Day
A minimalist illustration for lovers.

Handing a flower to your love is a classic thing to do on Saint Valentine’s day. When you love Nature and wildlife too, you can choose to give, as a present, a simple drawing of a rose, instead of killing a real one. Or you can prepare a heart-shaped chocolate cake. Love is blind, but you can still hear what goes on your mind. The following text was hacked from a lover’s brain.

Our forgotten and implacable fire loves the Tomorrow. You owe me foam with carnations’ shadow in baskets. Your stroking shows the rustic looking of your flower. Salt-rose seeks choking your love, so rain lost the voice. Secret circles sleep together. No dawn. Spring topaz loved me. Vegetable lips starving because my hair prowl with you. Your beloved drift, tenderness soul. Kisses repeat and nourish me. Feeds love, drops heart. A liquid leaf extinguished my silent mouth. Made flowers loved earth. My crave of heights roams little smoke steps. Shoots me like bluebells. But climbs anguished sweetness. I fire your mountains on believe that you are the seaweed over my happy falls. Even bread is dark.

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