A Famous Artist You Don’t Know

I'm Ugly And Don't Feel Anything Exciting
Observe Alice’s head lump crawling her thin alarm.

This drawing on a mixed media collage is known as I’m Ugly And Don’t Feel Anything Exciting. It’s made with vintage books paper and old diaries, as a background for a bit of handwriting and a minimal inked line traced with a special customized brush. There is also some watercolouring and a fuzzy putto. Apparently, the main subject of this artwork is a mysterious woman laying in bed. What is she thinking? Take a glimpse inside her mind. Here goes her stream of thoughts:

«The earth lives a darkly laughter for unchanging pride. Her great disappointment to keep you down in the deep. Illustrated quotes of a banal fancy timeline immediately after the alien world art culture came running and looked to the wood.
Back from here she caught stretched-out arms sitting next to a goat as the rule of her alphabet! Queen came running queer, went to a beetle, a loud gentleman.
One bright shelf sometimes must be looking at the doll as a flow lights this thought on head. She’s empty. She forwards time spent after a work-box struck by the oddest mind. She puzzles herself on a large ceiling. The telegraph paper takes voices from the post. Message came above every people she whispered. The crowded thing was always around»!

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