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Vintage Nautical Illustration: Old Ship

Santa Caterina Old Sailing Ship Engraving
Seafaring Graphic Design.

The above illustration it’s one of the traditional themes for sailors and ocean lovers: a wooden sailing ship riding some waves and framed by a worn out rope. As all the old-fashioned maritime-related artworks, its graphic design style resembles the one of vintage prints and engravings. There is also a minimal touch of modernity in the lines that reminds the fresh inking of comic strip artists. The handwritten calligraphic text reads Santa Caterina (Saint Catherine), a name often used for boats and tall ships. On demand, this picture comes with different lettering styles and text. The customization makes this illustration very versatile so it can be used in a wide range of “naval” situations; for example as a signboard for a pub or a tavern, or for custom linens, sheets, and towels inside your sailing vessel! The drawing was originally part of a series of sketches for a logo design that will be posted soon.

If you are looking for nautical art, be sure to check for more stuff, such as posters, prints, drawings, and collectible ephemera. Feel free to ask which images are available for purchase or for any other kind of custom design.

Cubist Heart Sketch

Box-Shaped Heart Sketch
Digging in Sir Joe Works’ picture archives.

I’ve recently come across this illustration I made years ago, a sketch created with some custom brushes for a project related to Saint Valentine’s Day. It was inspired by Cubism and by Kurt Cobain’s lyrics.There’s a song by Nirvana that’s titled Heart-Shaped Box. This concept artwork could be titled Box-Shaped Heart. A hollow muscular organ that can be filled with love, which notoriously comes in many different forms. The contrast between a canonical representation of the cardiac organ and the one portrayed here, along with the limited color palette and the background texture, makes the drawing visually interesting and appealing. But if you are a romantic gourmet, and looking for something more tasty, check out the picture for food lovers inside the post Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake!

Vintage Beauty On Old Paper

Vintage Beauty On Old Paper
The ancient Egyptian esoteric feeling in a poster.

Here goes another image from Sir Joe Works’ archives based on the “Vintage Crossover” philosophy: it’s a mysterious exotic woman portrayed on old paper decorated with some geometric patterns (which look visually catching on grungy textured backgrounds). This illustration was created as a preliminary test for a series of printables: stay tuned for my upcoming collection of art prints!

Space Girl Is Watching You

Space Girl
A mixed media poster design.

Here goes one more illustration related to Science Fiction. It’s a portrait of a girl in a space suit drawn on top of a mixed media collage. The background is basically made of crumpled paper and old newspapers, while the drawing was traced with different inks and brushes. Can you recognize the mysterious space woman?

If you enjoy sci-fi cosmonauts, space suits, and helmets from outer space, check out my other illustrations like the Mixed Media Astroman and In Praise Of A Black Star (or its animated version The Lighting Bolt Space Cult GIF). You may also like Vintage SciFi Illustration: Tin Can 69, an illustrated view of a Martian landscape.

The King Of Chicha

The King Of Chicha
Typography and psychedelic cumbia.

On this quite minimalist illustration I have played a little bit with typography, mixing it with the drawing as a texture.
This artwork was somehow inspired by guitar player Enrique Delgado, pioneer of the Peruvian cumbia known as Chicha. Together with his band Los Destellos during the 60’s, he started to develop a peculiar mix of Andean music, psychedelic rock, and Cuban rhythms.
Their self-titled debut LP was released in 1968 by the Odeon-Iempsa label. This recording features Enrique Delgado (alias “El Chino”) on lead guitar, Fernando Quiroz (who was originally playing lead guitar with Los Zanys) on second guitar, Tito Caycho on bass and Carlos Ramirez on drums.
Some more great old-style Chicha bands to check out are: Los Mirlos, Juaneco Y Su Combo, Los Hijos Del Sol, Los Diablos Rojos, Eusebio Y Su Banjo.