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La Sape Art Journal

La Sape Art Journal
A mind traveling experience.

A mixed media art journal dedicated and inspired by La Sape, acronym for Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes (French for Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People), a subculture developed since the 1930s in the Republic of Congo and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Initially headed by Camille Diata, La Sape movement embraces the elegant style and manners of the colonial era dandies as a means of resistance to colonialism. The dandy settlers were in sharp contrast to the environment in which they lived. La Sape followers are known as sapeurs (sapeur also means “digger” in French).

The main drawings for this illustration were made on top of a sketchbook cover. There are also some elements of vintage lettering as well as traces of calligraphic text in the background.
A collage of psychedelic cumbias from the sixties was used as soundtrack to the creative process of this art diary.

Mexican Wu Wei Drawing

Mexican Wu Wei
From China to Mexico.

This illustration was inspired by Taoism and by Mexican lifestyle. Wu Wei (無爲) is the Taoist concept related to action without action.

«He who understands the conditions of Life does not strive after what is of no use to life; and he who understands the conditions of Destiny does not strive after what is beyond the reach of knowledge

«When life comes, it cannot be declined; when it goes, it cannot be detained.»

«Abandoning the world, they are free from its entanglements. Free from its entanglements, their (minds) are correct and their (temperament) is equable. Thus correct and equable, they succeed in securing a renewal of life, as some have done. In securing a renewal of life, they are not far from the True (Secret of their being). But how is it sufficient to abandon worldly affairs? and how is it sufficient to forget the (business of) life? Through the renouncing of (worldly) affairs, the body has no more toil; through forgetting the (business of) life, the vital power suffers no diminution. When the body is completed and the vital power is restored (to its original vigour), the man is one with Heaven. Heaven and Earth are the father and mother of all things. It is by their union that the body is formed; it is by their separation that a (new) beginning is brought about. When the body and vital power suffer no diminution, we have what may be called the transference of power. From the vital force there comes another more vital, and man returns to be the assistant of Heaven.»

[Zhuangzi – Chinese Text Project, English translation by James Legge]

Fuerza México!

Fuerza México!
Seismometer drawings.

On the morning of 19 September 1985, a violent earthquake struck Mexico City, killing thousands of people and toppling dozens of buildings. Yesterday, on the exactly same day, 32 years later, another devastating terremoto shocked central Mexico and its capital.

This illustration is my tribute to all the victims, to Mexico, and to the noble soul of its people. Millions of people who have immediately provided help and support to the population, the greatest treasure of this country.

She’ll Come, She’ll Go

Tears For Mila
Tears for Mila.

Concept illustration for a poster design related to a Latvian dream.

«She’ll come, a beetle musky oil speckled on clothes. Touching my sleep down her caress I become her beat and soul. Garden goats strewn her through a passing goatherd singing of her life with love. What hinders her small Paradise? I grew the dew, living her drenched and frozen soul. Lady-girl fleeing the young belief. Strewn of your living, she’ll go».

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