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Rusty Metal Texture Photo

Rusty Texture In Red
Rusted art photography.

This photo was shot some years ago in the small village of Sorano, not too far from Pitigliano (Maremma, Tuscany), in Italy. It’s a piece of old metal that was covering a box with water counters. While in many cases it’s better to prevent rust from eroding tools and objects, sometimes red oxide looks visually beautiful. For example, the grungy surface of the picture above reminds me Jackson Pollock’s dripping paintings.
These kind of textures are also useful for different types of artworks: beside 3D renderings, they can be used to add depth and charm to a flat illustration. It’s easy way to achieve organic aesthetic within a drawing, enhancing it with warmth.

You should keep in mind: rust is art!

Jerry Lewis: A Nutty Portrait

Jerry Lewis: Nutty Portrait
All he gave them was a smile.

Here goes my tribute to the great comedian Jerry Lewis, inspired by his characters’ accessories: a pair of black nerd glasses, and fake teeth. It’s just a minimalist raw drawing on a rough vintage paper, embellished with a famous signature.

«Just think about all the time you’re going to have to spend with you. And if you don’t think too much of yourself, how do you expect others to?»
[Prof. Julius Kelp – The Nutty Professor, 1963]