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Escorpión Dorado Fan Art

Tributo al Escorpión Dorado
Fetish folk art from Mexico.

This artwork is a tribute to Mexican god El Escorpión Dorado (The Golden Scorpion), a character created by Alex Montiel, a youtuber based in Mexico City. He plays the role of a funny hater with a silly voice and a mask inspired by the lucha libre wrestlers. He also has a battle cry: “peluche en el estuche” (something like “fur in the case”) and a bunch of followers he calls súbditos!

The illustration was another experiment related to the vintage crossover project. It could be nice as a promotional poster. By the way, El Escorpión Dorado is even trying to hack the local elections by getting people to vote for him!

Panoramas Of Tuscany: Countryside In Maremma

Fields Of Maremma At Sunset
Summer mood in Italy.

One more shot of the amazing landscapes of Tuscany. The photo was taken while traveling around Maremma by bike at sunset, and it captured the last rays of sun. Just enough light to paint the hay bales on the fields and the shape of the mountains surrounding Punta Ala and Castiglione della Pescaia.
You can have a different point of view of the same place in the picture Sunset Reflection In Maremma. While the sun was going down between the hills, the moon was rising behind the photographer, as posted before in Landscape Photography: Moons Of Tuscany. There is one more photo that was shot while biking on the same country road, featuring some cypresses and a romantic mood.
Every couple of years some of those fields are covered with yellow sunflowers as they turn into a visual paradise!

Mixed Media Astroman

Fan Of The Astro Van
From outer space to virtual paper.

Different layers of styles and media are the backbone of this artwork. The skull is inside an astronaut spacesuit floating on an ocean of red waves. A classic theme for Sci-Fi adventures. Even David Bowie used it for the Blackstar music video.

This concept design is a preliminary layout test for the next summer project.

«Above the Moon, may God’s love control my spaceship and seas of blue.»

Preliminary Sketches

Jackson's Lobsters
Lobsters and fate.

The drawing comes from the archive with artwork created while developing the vintage crossover concept. It’s a quite minimal illustration with a fresh taste, but at the same time it has a retro feeling and it looks like it has been through years of history. The image presents graphic elements of Pop Art and Surrealism, but the textures, materials and supports are used in an Expressionist way. There are even some traces of lettering and handwriting.

Digital Inked Illustration: Vintage Italy

Radio Pin Up
Sketches from the lasts days of Italian Dolce Vita.

Here goes a work in progress of a project I was working on last year. The illustration helped to test some custom-made digital brushes. It’s a sketch of a radio with pin-up‘s traces and some old Italian magazines from the sixties. The black and white palette it’s a graphic trick to achieve a vintage mood and a minimal style at the same time. Even though the mysterious feet with part of the legs don’t belong to the same person of the Legs Factory Drawing, both artworks have somehow in common women, music, and the fabulous sixties!