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Vintage Crossover

New Vintage Design (Vintage Crossover)
Pop Art on Medieval paper.

The image of this post was created while exploring ways to blend different styles. The result is something that I call vintage crossover: a mix between graphic elements, themes, and media, from disparate eras and places of our history. In this case bits of Pop Art lay next to traces of a Medieval drawing on top of an old smudged paper. A collage of mixed media and styles!

Saws In Maremma: GIF Animation

Sawing In Maremma
A Cinemagraph about hard work in Tuscany.

One more GIF animation from Sir Joe Works’ archives: a cinemagraph for Maremma Lovers!
This animated photograph was part of a project related to the quality of life in the countryside. It’s a shot inside the patio of a podere (farm) in Maremma, the heart of Tuscany.
From this GIF animation we can learn something: while humans are still having some problems, animals, like the dog portrayed in this picture, can blend perfectly with the rhythms of Nature.
Check out the GIF animations page for more animated views of Italy, and remember not to try sawing from your window if you’re not an expert!

Psychedelic Patterns

Cyber Fish Scales Pattern
Abstract modular Art with mood.

I’ve recently found this digital artwork inside Sir Joe Works’ archives. It was made some years ago as an experiment related to cyber fishes scales and psychedelic patterns.
The colour texture is blended with a geometric pattern of shapes that was achieved through the digital processing of a photo depicting some clouds of a Mexican sky at sunset. This mix also creates a balanced tension between the warm and cold colours of the palette.

The image above was somehow involved in a project about prints on fabric and textiles.

Old Drawing Upcycling

Sketch Of The Last Woman In The Bay
Artwork digital update.

A few years ago I decided to digitally retouch an old drawing that was originally made on grunge paper. It was a quick intervention: I just added a few strokes of digital brushes and a bit more of colour. So here goes this raw illustration of the Bay Woman (a.k.a. Queen Of The Bay). One thing you better know: she’s a twisting storm, sucking your laughter in her brain while laying on the light machine!

A Portrait Of Totò

A Portrait Of Totò
My illustrated tribute to The Prince Of Laughter.

This illustration is a work in progress that I’m making as a tribute to the legendary prince Antonio De Curtis, born Antonio Clemente in Naples, Italy, and known as Totò. He was not only a comedian, actor, writer, singer and songwriter, he was a genius. Unfortunately, Il Principe Della Risata (The Prince Of Laughter) passed away fifty years ago, on April 15, 1967. Someone said that you can’t understand Italian culture if you don’t know Totò.

An interviewer once asked him about his book of poetry and if he was also a writer, beside being a comedian and an actor. He replied: «I’m not a writer. I’m Neapolitan. All Neapolitans have writing inside of them. All Neapolitans are a bit poets!».