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The Rorschach Test Dream Prophecy

Not My President
Can simple inkblots get to the hearth of your emotional thinking?

This Internet meme can be interpreted in different ways, it only depends on how dirty is your mind. It’s just an illustration. What should worry you, it’s the following autogenerated prophecy, a.k.a. the bot prediction:

Bikers have no negative case. A tremendous pin goes for the people. I’m blot with liquid progress. Donald Trump, the DeploraBall inauguration. Boycott economic conference, because that nonsense Freedom of Americans takes unity-fund piece off. Stuff is all triggered as confidence in agencies. We don’t MAGA POTUS here today. Metropolitan bands will accomplish the collateral damage. Everything you get, you know. The message will tell you a thing: «Not My President». We work better with two companies. Daily basis respect for professional years over the United bits. Will my president end racism agencies? Nothing accomplished. That anti-fascist coalition will lose The Country. We can strongly be moving into that research. You order, we will press the system. A smelly inauguration down in their records. Big news companies brainstorm the police. Walk outside the Midwest, so grill will seep. #DisruptJ20, a little ruin, discharges the nomination. Just acid. I steal one guess and look for facts. Our plunger and Donald have great outfits. We used compliment closing, and to close, it will party! Answer, but physically fight to refuse some things about you. Take workers of fake news over thinking. They get the word, make a safety action sworn in the building. We could air respect for fake news: intelligence should never spread. Put rubber into Obama’s reconnaissance and press the mission. Accomplish our blow. Great resistance, I’ve been nasty enough! President of halt action, you had Trump as the 45th! Their plans were stuff like fusible war to do well, and workers came out against that! We’ve you! Territory news. The original repeat has interesting needs. They’re all news, sprinklers of butyric Friday. Last couple should have left. If person’s memory, a tremendous US will burn it. The news, who knows that office? Thanks.

A Famous Artist You Don’t Know

I'm Ugly And Don't Feel Anything Exciting
Observe Alice’s head lump crawling her thin alarm.

This drawing on a mixed media collage is known as I’m Ugly And Don’t Feel Anything Exciting. It’s made with vintage books paper and old diaries, as a background for a bit of handwriting and a minimal inked line traced with a special customized brush. There is also some watercolouring and a fuzzy putto. Apparently, the main subject of this artwork is a mysterious woman laying in bed. What is she thinking? Take a glimpse inside her mind. Here goes her stream of thoughts:

«The earth lives a darkly laughter for unchanging pride. Her great disappointment to keep you down in the deep. Illustrated quotes of a banal fancy timeline immediately after the alien world art culture came running and looked to the wood.
Back from here she caught stretched-out arms sitting next to a goat as the rule of her alphabet! Queen came running queer, went to a beetle, a loud gentleman.
One bright shelf sometimes must be looking at the doll as a flow lights this thought on head. She’s empty. She forwards time spent after a work-box struck by the oddest mind. She puzzles herself on a large ceiling. The telegraph paper takes voices from the post. Message came above every people she whispered. The crowded thing was always around»!

© 2017 Sir Joe Works –

San Escobar Byzantine Mosaic

San Escobar
Modern icons and fictional countries.

Poland’s foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski has recently become the subject of many Internet memes after saying he had met the representative of San Escobar, a non-existent country, while campaigning in New York to win a seat on the UN Security Council. After the gaffe, he declared that it was a slip of the tongue, and probably confused San Cristóbal y Nieves, the Spanish name of the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis (a.k.a. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis), with the world-famous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.
This episode gave me the idea for a new illustration, also inspired by old Byzantine mosaics and icons. For many people, Pablo Escobar is already a Saint, especially for those living in the poorest neighborhoods of Medellín, in Colombia, where “The Tsar of Cocaine” gained popularity by paying for the construction of many hospitals, schools, and churches. The cult around El Patrón looks like the one related to Jesús Malverde en Sinaloa, Mexico. It’s all about icons. So here is my version of San Escobar!

David Bowie: One Year Later

David Bowie's Heroes Album Cover Remake
Something happened on the day he died.

One year ago today, as a tribute for David Bowie’s 69th birthday, I made this drawing, a kind of Aladdin Sane album cover remake. A couple of days later, following the inspirational flow, I posted a vintage-style-Sci-Fi illustration, along with an esoteric text with multiple-layers of meaning, obviously related to David. It was the 10th of January. Shortly after that, my internet connection went down for the next two days. When I found out that he had passed away, that post turned to be a creepy coincidence. Something like a Nostradamus obscure prophecy. And there is even more, but I will leave it like this.
Something really happened on the day he died, but even some days before.

Happy birthday David! (I hope you have received that present from Syd that I had for you last year.)

Esoteric Pop Art

Sometimes They Sold Into Slavery
Vintage meanings through modern media.

I’m opening this brand new year with my last mixed media collage. If you pay enough attention, you will understand the secret meaning of this artwork. But you can also just pay without attention, and I will explain it for you. It’s not only about visual graphics, it’s the meaning of nothing. Join the Club. Or someone will club the join. Who is the artist in a mechanical dream? You’ll never know the real story. It’s a random strategy: once you pop, you can’t stop! Just do something and stay still.

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