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Pop Art Tools

Pop Art Artist's Tools (a.k.a. Sir Joe's Tools)
Digital silkscreen on yellow background.

A new piece of mixed media pop art with more random quotes from my upcoming secret book:

I like different levels. Close your eyes. Having land and lots of dates, people forget about the ruining but beautiful soul. No noises. Can the damaged eyes just live in the future? Very lazy, dreamlike lyrics, in a happening memory. The best company, two’s a series of themselves. Isn’t life the most exciting song? Just dig happy about nothing. Your own life images change, but watch every party I do. I am not on any atmosphere sound in rock. The noise and learning decided world famous needs to be two opposites. I’m the type trick mirrors.
The mystery was to own problems. Reality loves sounds. We’re musical primitives of the beautiful art. That monitor could be seeing eyebrows. James and Dean never meet. But the real starts didn’t have fantasies quickly. I should fall in our time. They are beautiful, don’t look! You never repeat attractions between starting fantasies. Love a deeply superficial work that never knew exactly what beauty I had. Until it’s a thing about changes, give them the type. Going anywhere you go. I believe in up kissing, it’s very exciting. It’s so quick. Low lights willing to get people’s fantasies are the little things that thrill you. I’m its magic. You and I. Sometimes it’s much better to be artificial.

© 2016 Sir Joe Works –

From Ashes To Artist

Good Looking Fish Eye
A glimpse of a new secret art theory.

Along with this new mixed media artwork goes a series of random excerpts from my new upcoming book about Art. It’s still a secret, but take a look:

Afraid to die, I was the wrong life. Being born opens the eyes. Don’t think together, look before they pay any attention in life. I just have to be nice to ruin it. Sometimes they sold into slavery. Wonder if it’s them yourself. Don’t think average people should fall in the lasts forever. Happening turn out always happens. Before deciding, make heart shut down right.
I’m ugly and don’t feel anything exciting. You are that idea of waiting it. I like to do stuff that is visual but I’m afraid it isn’t long enough. Television, you minute! I start spreading, they change. Beauty is a want to be place and fantasy.
Times for me to understand whether they should only measure movies. Is unreal, they think people are ready. They love to go, not to say. A love affair in inches. People don’t need every song. Time changes art, just a thing that happened to you one night.

To change I take pictures. I never fall. So what? Art, even more art. How slowly unreal. The movies let my favorite things do not stop. Just good things, as you stop signs of intelligence.
I know where the right thing breaks your out every night. If art was to count, it’s everybody. An artist, to be strong and real, marks a whole to them. Sometimes people in art can’t stop the Social Disease. You can’t get away with their rumors about you. Heart, boring things really do happen if I stay.

© 2016 Sir Joe Works –

Digital Painting: A Tribute To Magritte

This Is Not An Apple
This is not an Apple.

Here goes a tribute to surrealist painter René Magritte and his famous masterpiece The Treachery Of Images (La Trahison Des Images in French). It’s an upgraded version: now there are two levels of misunderstanding. It’s part of my “This Is Not” series.
Magritte was an admirer of architect and painter Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, a.k.a Le Corbusier, and probably took the pipe idea from his 1923 book Vers Une Architecture (Toward An Architecture). Inside the book there is a picture of a purist painting by Courbusier, very similar to Magritte’s Treachery Of Images, with the caption “A Briar Pipe”. In the early 20s, Corbusier and artist Amédée Ozenfant started developing a sort of post-Cubism theory called Purism, a study related to the standard objects of industrial culture, such as wheels and motors, “style” furniture, pipes, telephone receivers, café chairs, glass bottles and flasks, which they labelled “object-types”. A prototype of Andy Warhol’s pop art.

Magritte may also have taken the inspiration for his La Trahison Des Images from a comical sign he saw in an art gallery, which read, “Ceci n’est pas de l’Art” (“This is not Art”).

«The famous apple. How people reproached me for it! And yet, could you bite my apple? No, it’s just a representation, is it not? So if I had written on my picture “This is an apple”, I’d have been lying!»

Cuban Street Art: Fidel Castro

Murales Cubanos: Viva Fidel!
A tribute to murals in Cuba.

The first time a travelled to Cuba, many years ago, I was amazed by the incredible variety of street art on the island, especially in the main cities of La Habana and Santiago. Mural paintings seemed to blend perfectly with the old eclectic architecture and the humidity of the tropical heat. The murales related to political propaganda are still the most charming and classic ones, beside all the different styles and themes of Cuban street art. The ideals of Communism and Socialism perpetrated by Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution are a presence that gets life through vibrant colours and epic quotes painted on the walls. Some of the historical figures portrayed in the graffiti shine like Medieval icons with written adages, like the mythological Ernesto “Che” Guevara accompanied by the mantra “Hasta La Victoria Siempre”.

The Cuban mood and location inspired me this mural painting: a portrait of El Señor Comandante Fidel Castro surrounded by vintage lettering and classic quotes from the Revolución Cubana, such as “Cuba Libre”, “Viva La Revolución”, “Fieles A Nuestra Historia”, “Cuba es Fidel. Yo soy Fidel”.
Several years later, back to La Habana, I checked to see if the graffiti was still there. Here is the picture of that wall. Viva Cuba, Viva Fidel!