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Grunge Horse Illustration

Grunge Equine Portrait
Graphic design and equine portraits.

This rough illustration was created last summer and inspired by Maremmano horse. Horses and butteri (the cowboys of Maremma) used to be classic elements of southern Tuscany’s landscapes. These days, even in this region of Italy, we have more smartphones or cars than horses. It would be nice to see people riding stallions on the streets rather than SUVs. This is the main goal of project On The Horse Again, a plan promoting a drastic reduction of vehicle emissions in the area by reducing automobile dependence across Maremma through the return of private and public equine transportation. Going back to horses will lead to a lot of different kinds of benefits and improvements, from health to tourism.

«They used to drive and drive, now they drive no more.
On the horse again!
We now ride and gallop all day long, even in the rain and snow.
On the horse again!»

Sunset Panorama In Maremma

Sunset Reflection In Maremma
Landscape photography in Italy.

This photo was made a couple of summers ago while travelling around Maremma by bicycle. The quite waters of a canal were cutting through the fields with a reflection of the last rays of sun on the sky. So I decided to take a quick shoot on the fly. The mood of this picture reminds of an English romantic painting by some landscape artist, but the air at the moment smelled like Tuscany.

Opium Poppy Decorations In Rome

Opium Poppies Floral Motif At The Verano
Geometric photos from inside a graveyard.

This picture was made some time ago at the Monumental Cemetery of Campo Verano in Rome, Italy. The Cimitero Del Verano (its name in Italian) can be considered a open-air museum due to the incredible amount of artwork that can be found inside the complex, mainly created during the 19th and 20th centuries, when wealthy families hired architects, artists, sculptores, and painters to design, built and decorate their private chapels.

In this photo you can have a glimpse of one of the chapels’ architecture with its decorations and some details. The floral motif hides a representation of the Papaver somniferum, a.k.a. the opium poppy, a well known symbol of the Greek god of dreams Morpheus, and generally associated with the eternal sleep related to the world of deads. The symbolic meaning behind the plant is obviously related to its narcotic and hallucinogenic effects. For this reason these poppies can be found all around the tombstones inside the Verano, together to a wide range of esoteric symbolism. Another ancient symbol related to both death and immortality is the Mediterranean cypress (a.k.a. Italian or Tuscan cypress) as the one shown in the photograph, and can be found in every graveyard of Italy.

You can find more info and pictures about the eternal city of Rome inside Sir Joe Works’ architectural photography gallery!

All-Seeing Eye Circus Poster Design

You Are Here
Your own geolocated visual reference.

The idea for this artwork was born long time ago with a minimal doodle on my sketchbook. Years later I decided to integrate the concept with a new project inspired by the famous grungy Star Wars Circus Poster a.k.a. A New Hope – Style “D”, painted by artists Charlie White III and Drew Struzan, and one of George Lucas’ favorite poster design. The result is this digital illustration, a kind of vintage infographic for esoteric symbols or a map like the ones you can find inside malls, with a simple explanation of your location in modern society.

Did you know that ninety percent of people can be found at the bottom of the pyramid? Now you can locate yourself as fast as a wink of an all-seeing eye!