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Sangue Di Bue Wine Label Engraving

Sangue Di Bue Wine Label Design
Graphic design and drinking.

Here goes the concept design for Villa Tonioli’s Sangue Di Bue wine label. The main illustration is an old-style engraving of a classic bue maremmano, the native breed of bulls from Maremma. Traditionally raised and herded by the butteri, (the cowboys, sheppards and herdsmen of the region), you can still find today this priced breed of cattle grazing inside a southern Tuscany panorama.
The elegance of the label express the quality of the product inside the bottle, and is achieved through its general minimalism, from typography to a limited colour palette, that also helps focusing on the graphic elements of the composition.

Bud Spencer Jumbo Punch

Bud Spencer Jumbo Punch
A tribute to Carlo Pedersoli.

This digital illustration is a tribute to the great Bud Spencer, and is inspired by the movie he made with his partner Terence Hill, Crime Busters (I Due Superpiedi Quasi Piatti in Italian), on which he had this cool Jumbo jacket in a scene inside a bar where a gang of thugs had a taste of his famous punch!

Maremma: It’s A Paradise!

Sunflowers Paradise In Maremma
Just another sunset in Tuscany.

Here goes a picture of a classic summer solstice sunset down in Maremma, Italy. A field of sunflowers not too far from the seaside. While taking the photo, a girl who was jogging passed by, smiling and saying «It’s a Paradise!», and then start singing, fading away in the distance.

You can find more panoramas and views of Italy inside the photography gallery.

Maremma Blues Festival Poster Preview

Maremma Blues Festival Poster Preview
Music, Art, and Nature.

This illustration is a work in progress of the vintage poster design for the new Maremma Blues Festival. The graphic is inspired by old prints and engravings: it’s a classic bluesman playing his guitar down the countryside. In the background, a natural landscape that could be Mississippi’s Delta, as well as Tuscany! In both places work songs were very popular among workers from the countryside. Music and Nature always worked good together. Back in the times, even in the most remote wooded valleys of the Maremma, you could hear arise a lonely singing that, followed than by other voices, became a choir: they were woodcutters, farmers, and charcoal burners who broke the solitude of the place with the rumor bloomed from an honest and confident mood. Songs and singing were also used to make lighter the hard work.

Now those day are gone, the only hope to hear some old good music in the open country is at local festivals like the amazing Maremma Blues Festival!
Remember to check-out the portfolio for the upcoming full-version of this poster!