Monthly Archives: February 2016

Conceptual Typography

Conceptual Typography n.2
Lettering, Fonts, Cutups.

A contemporary tribute to William Burroughs and David Jones (and some other guys).
Typography is the message. An Eastern tarot he said. Something like Experimental Minimalism, or Condensate Reading. Or maybe Condensate Writing. No, it’s just Condensate Thinking.
You are what you see but You don’t see who you are. Minimal Spacing? Closer Face Space. SciFi NonSense inside an Encrypted SciFi Novel. Electric Lyrics spinning far way near Manzana Valley.
Dropped Words on White Pages with Red Lines. The Etiologist who brought the World was Picturing Words. Perception of Sense related to Sense Perception. Meaningful Feeling covered with Visual Significance, both created with Dripping sentences.

Darth Vader’s Political Correctness

Darth Vader's Political Correctness
Star Wars in a way you’ve never seen before.

This Internet meme is about the new wave of political correctness, especially the one related to gender-neutral parenting. The old-fashioned words “father” and “mother” have been replaced with the supposedly less offensive “parent 1” and “parent 2”. So here goes a drawing of a more political correct Lord Vader on Cloud City. Now Luke Skywalker knows his dad – I mean, his “parent 1” – is not that bad.

In Praise Of A BlackStar

In Praise Of A BlackStar
I took a walk in space and I really felt blue.

This drawing is about the lightning bolt space cult. The Gemini spaceship of Captain Tom is on the way and it’s coming back again. Pray and shout, he was the underground.
The experiment will be performed on board by the Italian astronaut.
His soul was in the lost and found. For in truth, it’s the beginning of an end: We should crawl under the bracken. Angels have gone, floating on a most peculiar way.

I believe in Spiders. Down in space it’s always 1982.