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Red House in Maremma

Windows of Maremma
Architectural Photography and Textures.

There’s a red house over yonder, way down across the hill of Capalbio, a magic little medieval village with a castle facing the Tyrrhenian Sea and located in Maremma, the heart of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful places of Italy.

These windows with bars framed by a picturesque washed-out red wall that seems to have been surviving for many years were “discovered” during a trip around the area, not too far from a typical trattoria, a small restaurant offering a great variety of local recipes and wines. Due to a long-time tradition of wine producers in the region, photographers of Tuscany know that, most of the times, drinking while taking pictures it’s not a great idea. Most of the times.

This photo, taken with a Canon EOS 7D, is part of a series shot with different cameras. The vintage, decrepit and grungy textures of the old buildings in Maremma just melt perfectly with its natural landscapes!

Archeo Team 32 Logo Design

Archeo Team 32 Logo Design
Worldwide news about Archaeology.

Here goes one of the logo design options for Archeo Team 32, a new project for an online magazine about archaeological news and excavation sites all around the world, with a focus on educational subjects such as summer schools, conferences, and workshops.

For this version of the logo we decided to use just a couple of main graphic elements: the classic trowel used by archaeologists on the field while digging, and an ancient cup of a carpenter, similar to the one that Joseph of Arimathea had with himself when he reached Great Britain in 37 A.D. There is also a diagonal ribbon, designed to be filled with the team name. The image of the post comes with a bit of colors and grungy effect, but the logo works great as well in black and white.

“Buttero Solitario” Label: Wine Bottle Mockup

Buttero Solitario: Wine Bottle Mockup
How to deal with alcoholic beverages in graphic design!

This digital mock-up of a classic wine bottle was created to quickly have a view of label design works in progress. In this way it’s easier to get an idea of the final result. In this case the Buttero Solitario label for Villa Tonioli (located near Pitigliano in Maremma, Tuscany, Italy) was applied to the digital bottle to test its visual impact on the viewer and to make related adjustments.
Digital models are great not only for design and packaging evaluation, but they can also work well for promotional still lifes. Last but not least, it is an option that can have a positive impact on budget, surely less expensive and faster to arrange than a real still life photography set!

Sadly, there are a few things that mockups can’t provide yet: the taste and the scent of this great Italian wine!

How To Recognize Moderate Rebels

Normal VS Moderate Terrorists
Comic Art and Information Warfare.

There have been complains about Russian airstrikes in Syria, saying the attacks were aimed not at ISIS, but instead at CIA-backed terrorist fighting president Bashar al-Assad. On the other hand there are people claiming that is very hard to identify moderate rebels in the region.

Here goes a simple infographic that will help distinguish moderate terrorists from normal ones. Remember: details make the difference!

Keep Calm Motivational Poster

Keep Calm With This
Positive propaganda Internet meme.

During Second World War the British government printed the “Keep Calm And Carry On” motivational poster, trying to boost Brits’ mood as they were threatened with German airstrikes. Although millions of copies were produced, this poster design was hardly known by the public until it was rediscovered in 2000. Apparently, people need this kind of motivational propaganda today more than during Second World War.

This upgraded version of the poster comes with a new cannabis flavor. So sit down, relax, and keep calm. With this…

Vladimir Putin’s Russia Strikes ISIS In Syria

Vladimir Putin's Russia Strikes ISIS In Syria!
The secret weapon against terrorists in the Middle East!

Russian Federation begins airstrikes against Islamic State terrorists in Syria shortly after Vladimir Putin speech at the United Nations General Assembly. Almost simultaneously, reports started surfacing on social media claiming Russia attacked residential areas instead of terrorist targets.

Here goes a digital meme, for Sir Joe Works’ Illustrated News series, about president Putin iconography, information warfare and counter propaganda: Comic Art Strikes Back!