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Volkswagen: Emissions Scandal Logo

Volkswagen Logo: Emissions Scandal Meme
Never ever trust cars, CEOs, and big companies.

Shortly after Volkswagen’s diesel emissions fraud came to the fore, a lot of Internet memes have spread around the Web.
The German car manufacturer’s stock dropped down at the same speed as its visibility and hashtags related to the scandal raised up on social media. So this digital illustration represents both the emissions scandal and the crash in the shares market with millions of dollars and the credibility of the company turned into dust: Volkswagen logo blended with clouds of pollution, smoke and smog.

It is never nice to fool customers. Cheating customers and pollute the environment at the same time can be devastating for a brand. The only way Volkswagen can try to save its own image now is by doing something really “green” like, for example, planting a tree for every car produced with the cheating software.

Wine Labels Design: “Buttero Solitario”

Buttero Solitario Wine Label
Old-style labels with amazing views of Italy!

This is a work in progress of a label design for the Italian wine Buttero Solitario, inspired by one of my vintage engravings related to the magic landscapes of Maremma, the heart of Tuscany: a buttero (cowboy of Maremma) riding a brunello horse near Parco Naturale dell’Uccellina (National Park of Uccellina).
This area of Italy has a great tradition of wine producers and it’s well known for its strong but fine red and white wines. Due to a large number of competitors, there’s a constant demand of high quality graphic design outputs. Labels are to wine like covers are to books: people judge wines under the influence of the labels. Label design is part of the taste you’re drinking and can help to define the impression you have of a wine.

This one was made with the intention of balancing an old-style engraving with minimal vintage graphic elements and typography. Plus, the feeling of the sweet grapes from Villa Tonioli’s vineyards near Pitigliano!

Mezcal “El Arranque” Label Design!

Mezcal El Arranque Label Design
For everything bad, mezcal. For everything good, mezcal.

Preliminary layout of the front label for the mezcal El Arranque produced by Hacienda San Bernardino.
Mezcal is one of the alcoholic drinks (like Pulque) made from a kind of agave plant called maguey (Agave americana), native to Mexico. The maguey plant is bigger than the agave azul (blue agave or Agave tequilera), used for another distilled beverage known as tequila. It was one the most sacred plants in the pre-Columbian era, but it’s uncertain if the native peoples of Mexico had any distilled liquors like mezcal and tequila prior to the Spanish Conquest. The earliest evidence of this plant in Europe was at the botanical garden of Pisa (Tuscany, Italy) during the late 16th century.
The original mezcal is mainly produced in the State of Oaxaca. Depending on aging, is classified in:

  • Blanco (a.k.a. joven, clear and aged for less than two months)
  • Reposado (aged from two months to a year in wood barrels)
  • Añejo (aged a least for one year in wood barrels)

I will post updates and alternative versions of El Arranque, as well as more mezcal labels, in a new upcoming section of this site.

P.S. If you happen to find a worm in a bottle of mezcal do not worry: it’s just a specimen of  Hypopta agavis, the secret ingredient for a special flavour!
P.P.S. Mezcal is also used as medicine: it’s known to heal hangovers!

Foxy Brushes and Patterns

Foxy Brushes
Having fun with digital pens and vectors.

This is an experiment I made last year while playing with digital brushes and patterns. As you can see, pink and black often work good with sexy shapes. Also, the arabesques and motifs traced by virtual pen nibs add a touch of fetish and foxy vibe to the illustration. All these graphic elements plus a bit of minimalism are the secret of the simple elegance needed for this artwork.
Working with vectors and a pen tablet allows to quickly create custom digital brushes that are perfect to achieve nice details with sharp edges.