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Engravings of Tuscany: Butteri di Maremma

Buttero In MaremmaA digital illustration of a Buttero, the cowboy of Tuscany.

Here goes another work in progress, a digital old-style engraving of a typical landscape of Tuscany, Italy: the buttero maremmano (the traditional cowboy of Maremma).
The butteri were high skilled shepherds and cowboys. During Buffalo Bill’s tour around Europe in 1890, the unimpressed Italian cowboys challenged him on a contest of skills after his Wild West show in Rome. The butteri defeated Buffalo BIll and all his troupe, proving to be by far the most experienced.
Now there are not so many butteri how it used to be, but sometimes you can still find these old fashioned Italian cowboys riding their Maremmano horses (a breed of horse originating in this is part of Tuscany), especially during the summer.
Over the centuries the breeding of the Maremmano in the wild has produced a horse that’s known to be not only proud, energetic and generous, but it is also appreciaded for its solidity and its ability to adapt to rough terrain and bad weather. During the Second World War, this breed was one of the fews to be brave and though enough to survive the Russian steppe.

[If you are planning an eco-trip in Tuscany, we raccomand you a riding tour of the wild Maremma. For more info about the Italian stallion, contact us!]

This kind of vintage engravings works great on wine labels, so stay tuned for the upcoming label design!