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Maremma isometric 3D Map design

Maremma isometric 3D Map design
Discover the secrets of Tuscany with this 3D Map of Maremma.

I love maps. When you sail, you love maps even more. Tracing routes on a boat during a storm in the night is not like studing cartography at school. Well, maybe this sounded to much like Han Solo’s style.

This new project is about trying to create a new level of interactive maps to be used especially on tablets and smartphones. The goal is to achieve an iconographic 3D map that can be easly understood while looking for interesting locations and related events, places to visit and things to do: museums, archaeological sites, wildlife contaminations, crazy tours, workshops, secret places, tipical restaurants, horse riding or even sailing!
In the last decade Icons have become the main vectors for concetrate user friendly information, using a symbol in a limited space to give a quick view of specific topic. Think about the evolution of icons on mobile devices or the ones used for avatars, as well the minimalist but powerful infographics or information graphics: a graphic visual way of representing complex information, data or knowledge, clearly and quickly.
Maybe it’s just a return to the past, when people use to draw icons, hieroglyphics, ideograms and pictograms instead of typing text.

The style we want to give to the map is kind of hyper-realistic, but at the same time it would be cool to mix some cartoonish element to the whole composition.
I am going to try a few experiments with this first, testing, 3D map: an isometric view of Maremma, a region located in the south of Tuscany, in Italy, famous for its astonishing landscapes, preserved wildness, traditional tasteful and healthy food, ancient history and archaeological sites. The land of the the mysterious Etruscan people and its secrets. The land of the butteri, the cowboys of Tuscany, who even defeated Buffalo Bill during a contest in 1890.
But it’s not going to be only an isometric 3D map. This is an illustration too. It will be printed like a classic map on paper for guides and tourists and could potentially be used for different kinds of products merchandising as T-shirts, books, posters, digital printing for big formats or advertising.

So if you are planning to visit Italy and Tuscany, remember to check out our web site to see if our iconographic iper realistic isometric 3D Map of Maremma is out!

Bebina’s Cabinet of Curiosities eBook: desktop publishing

Bebina Bunny and Her Cabinet of Curiosities eBook: Desktop publishing
Editing Cynthia Korzekwa’s new philosophical art book.

We are proud to begin this collaboration with artist Cynthia Korzekwa. Cynthia created the blog Art for Housewives – is gonna be its 10th birthday this month – after reading 1992 World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, as a form of activism and to promote the change necessary to save our home: planet Earth. By the years it evolved in a diary about Daily Aesthetics. All this led to Arte per Massaie (Art for Housewives), a book printed in Italy and focused on Art, Recycling and Housewives. Recycling – as daily aesthetics – begins at home, and housewives always have been recyclers.
On Cynthia’s blog you will find huge archives and articles about: upcycling, reconstructed clothing, ecofeminism, guerrilla gardening and even more.

This new project is an eBook called Bebina Bunny and Her Cabinet of Curiosities. Before Internet or museums, some people use to recollect objects of interest often related to art and natural history, like antiquities or religious relicts. This kind of collection was know as Cabinet of Curiosity.
Bebina Bunny and Her Cabinet of Curiosities is the story of Bebina who, thanks to a message in a bottle found on Paros Island, begins to reflect about the way she observes the world. She soon starts to change her approach on life by collecting “curiosities”: not only objects but ideas and informations that Bebina collects, writes down on paper and puts into empty bottles. Bebina’s transcendental experience of curiosity takes a look at mythology, history of women, nature, the body, motion, vibration, magnetism, sleep, and much more to stimulate her curiosity.

This month Sir Joe Works will sail towards the emotion of a new desktop publishing adventure! Preliminary sketches from Cynthia Korzekwa’s original sketchbook will be posted in the next weeks. Remember to check our portfolio too: hopefully by the end of July the eBook cover will be done.